5 simple money habits that will help you make more money in 2019

5 simple money habits

Everybody wants to make more money in 2019. I’m sure every Nigerian has this as part of their new year resolution.

Making and saving more money in 2019 begins with you. The sooner you change the bad money habits that affect your financial goals in 2018 the better your chances of having good personal finance.

Here are five simple habits you can adopt to make 2019 a more lucrative year for you.

1. Invest your spare change

In 2018, you didn’t do anything with your spare change because you believe it is nothing but spare change. You forget that you can actually save those little change and invest them in something.

Who says you need a million Naira to invest? You honestly don’t need a lot of money to get started and your spare change can start something for you.

2. Automate your finances

If your financial plan isn’t automated, you’ve got to change that in 2019. It will help you avoid debt because you will never forget to pay bills on time.

Again, you’ll never be tempted to skimp on savings because you won’t even see the money going directly from your paycheck to your savings accounts.

3. Save and invest unexpected cash

 You need not spend the money you receive as birthday gifts in 2019 if you want to have good personal finance.

Do you always have the tendencies to spend unexpected cash like money gifts you receive on your birthday? You seriously need to put the next one into good use. Get in the habit of saving or investing the unexpected cash and bonuses in 2019.

4. Track your spending

If you have never done this or you never been serious about it, 2019 should be the year you make a monthly budget and track your spending. You can’t build wealth if you spend more than you earn. It’s not possible. And to make sure you’re more money than you’re spending, track your daily expenses.

5. Hang out with achievers

Make new rich friends in 2019. We become like the people we associate with. Make new rich friends in 2019. We become like the people we associate with.

Yes, the people you roll with matters and it can affect your net worth. If your net worth is a reflection of the community you relate with, 2019 is another opportunity for you to take your network to the next level.

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