Becoming a successful app entrepreneur (1)

Being a successful app entrepreneur (1)

If you are looking for an easy path in life, give up on your dreams of being an app entrepreneur right now. The potential for app entrepreneurs is endless, but the roadway to get there is certainly full of obstacles and roadblocks. Even with a great app business plan and pitch deck in tow, sometimes it is difficult to navigate the world of app start-ups. While the successes like Taxify and Tinder make us believe that anyone can achieve the “Great App Success Story” dream, the truth is, the vast majority of apps that begin development – never reach the App Store.

For instance, a thrilling app feature by app entrepreneurs is the S Pen on Samsung’s Note 9 smartphone, which replicates the ease, accuracy, and size of a real pen, allowing for a natural drawing and writing experience. The fine and precise 0.7 mm tip allows art entrepreneurs draw and write notes concerning their businesses with accuracy. With the Live Message feature, entrepreneurs can draw emojis, make animated GIFs or write handwritten messages on photos, making every message a special one. Media entrepreneurs can also select a section of a video and share with friends using the S Pen’s Smart Select feature.

Bluetooth enabled, the S Pen has been transformed to give entrepreneurial users the ultimate control by harnessing the power of Bluetooth technology, acting as a remote for your Galaxy Note9. Artpreneurs can snap photos, change slides, and pause YouTube videos with a press of the button. Charging the S Pen is as simple as sliding it back into the Galaxy Note9 to get another 30 minutes of power in just 40 seconds. With the S Pen’s remote camera feature, users can say a big bye to rushing to beat the self-timer or straining their arms and struggling to take a selfie or an epic wefie.

Screen off memo, the Galaxy Note 9 is instantly turned into an intelligent notepad by just popping out the S Pen to activate the Screen off memo without unlocking your phone. In a colour that matches the stylus, write whatever comes to mind anytime, like a to-do list or notes to self which can be pinned to the Always On Display or found in the Samsung Notes. This is super exciting as users can capture and share their thoughts with ease.

The S Pen also translates full sentences in foreign languages, depending on the country and region.

Stunning shots-The Note 9 features a Dual Aperture lens that intelligently adapts to the surrounding light like the human eye — choosing between two f-stop modes. While F1.5 mode brings in light to brighten up super low light shots, F2.4 mode helps make sure pictures come out crisp and clear.

These Samsung app entrepreneurs did not just end up with the S Pen technology, but they came up with the dual lens camera.With this users can take beautiful, crisp, sharp photos with Galaxy Note9’s dual 12MP camera with 2x optical zoom. The telephoto lens and wide-angle lens harmonise to shoot the whole scene even when zoomed in. And with dual Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS), photos come out sharp, even if the camera is a little shaky, allowing users capture what others can’t.

Let’s face it, not everyone has what it takes to be an app entrepreneur. Bringing an app idea to reality, just as the S Pen technology, and then to success, is much different than working a normal job or being a non-tech business owner. It takes a special type of innovativeness and dedication that, frankly, most people don’t possess. The good news is, for those who do possess certain qualities, the potential for success as an app entrepreneur may be very high. So, what does it take? In the following post, we will explore 10 questions to ask yourself and identify whether or not you have what it takes to win at being an app entrepreneur!

  • Can you see problems that other people don’t see?

The key to successful app entrepreneurship is simple innovation. Sometimes, an app like Taxify will change an entire industry, while an app like Toggl simply streamlines time-logging. However, the one similar factor among every successful app entrepreneur is that they introduced innovation to their niche market, in some particular way.

Successful entrepreneurs are able to identify problems and develop the solutions that eliminate these problems. The only difference with app entrepreneurs is that they figure out how to approach these challenges using smartphone/tablet/computer devices that are accessible to everyone. There are a million apps on the market; an entrepreneur’s app will only survive if it is unique, different, and able to solve a problem better than existing competitors – and competitors who will launch in the future.


If you are not someone who can identify problems and solutions easily, it’s not the end of the world. Expand your mind by reading books by successful entrepreneurs to start developing a problem-solving mindset. The better that you are able to identify the problems that other successful app entrepreneurs are solving, the easier it will be to start identifying real problems on your own.

  • Are you developing an app or an app business?

While the opposite seems true, apps don’t just become successful on their own. Just because you know how to launch an app into the App Store doesn’t mean you know how to launch a successful app business. Successful apps have teams behind them that understand start-ups, know how to build interest in their product, and know how to manage the growth of their business as new users begin downloading their app.

Developing an app is only one small portion of building a successful app start-up. Once it’s built and launched, now what? It’s a mistake to believe that people will use your app just because it exists – true app entrepreneurs know that once their app is launched, the battle only just begins.


If you know nothing about building, running and growing a business, you will find it extremely difficult to succeed in app entrepreneurship. In this case, find mentorship – someone who has launched an app before; a group of other new entrepreneurs who can share new things they learn; or a startup accelerator that can introduce you to people that can help you progress your app dreams.

  • Do you have an actionable plan?

Many people are excited about having a great app idea, but really, an app idea on its own means very little. Ideas come a dime a dozen. The element that separates successful apps from those that slowly fade away is great execution of an actionable plan. Successful app entrepreneurs have researched their markets well and understand exactly how they will launch their app, how they will get it out there, and ultimately, how they will profit from their idea.

When an app entrepreneur approaches an investor, they have a plan in place. The plan is so solid, that it is easy to understand how the investor’s money will immediately allow the business to meet its objectives – as detailed in the plan that they are presenting.


There are a lot of angles to cover when planning out the execution of the launch, establishment and growth of your app idea. Consider working with a team of business plan developers to create a professionally written business plan for your mobile app concept. By hiring the right team, you can learn about your market, your industry and your competitors; and can uncover new opportunities that you may not have initially realised.

  • Do you have perseverance?

Overnight success is a thing of app entrepreneurs’ dreams, but in real life, reaching app success is a day by day fight — not one giant win, but a ton of small achievements that eventually compound to reach massive success. In this business, only the unstoppable have a chance. No matter your situation, you WILL run into obstacles while building, launching and growing your app. How you handle and respond to those obstacles will be a major determining factor in your success as an app entrepreneur.


There’s no solution for perseverance, dedication and commitment. Either you have it, or you don’t. The key to perseverance is confidence, and one way to build confidence is to research your market thoroughly and ensure that your app is really what the market needs. It is a lot easier to stay the course when you know without a doubt that your solution is exactly what your market is looking for. If you know that your app idea has what it takes, and that YOU have what it takes, make it up in your mind that nothing will stop you from moving forward – no matter what. App success isn’t one big jump, it’s many small steps, sometimes taking a step backwards to take two steps forward.

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