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Five important details in business proposal writing

Have a registered business name, and use that business name throughout the proposal except where you have to sign. Corporate organisations don’t relate or discuss

How direct debits can benefit your business

We all know how direct debits benefit us as consumers, but they can offer all kinds of advantages to business owners too. From the little

Natural oil & gas suppliers plan nationwide operation

AS part of efforts aimed at deepening downstream operations, the Natural Oil and Gas Suppliers Association of Nigeria (NOGASA) says it has put necessary machinery

10 things to know about your bank account

Your bank account is one of the most important things to understand about your personal finances. Without a bank account, it is difficult to be

When money is not available after cheque deposit

When you deposit a cheque, you probably just expect the money to show up in your bank account — and you expect to be able

Six money management tips for first-time entrepreneurs

How many times have you been told that saving money is a good thing? Financial specialists recommend that you save a bit of money every

Why is it so Hard to Save?

Saving and losing weight seem to have a lot in common. They are both usual suspects when it comes to who makes the typical New