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Challenges of skincare business in Nigeria – Abiola Ahmed

Every industry has its attendant problems and challenges and the beauty industry is no exception. This is a fact that is not lost on one of the prominent figures in Nigerian beauty industry, Ahmed Omotunde Abiola simply known as Abiola Ahmed, the Chief Executive Officer of Hush’D Makeover Limited.

Ahmed has cognate experience of over five years in the trade and thus qualifies as an expert in the industry.

She bared her mind on the industry in a recent interview, highlighting how far she has come and her efforts in making Hush’D Makeover Limited a world class brand.

On challenges incumbent in the industry, she said, “Major challenges faced especially at the beginning were acceptance, competition, logistics and government policy etc. There is also the challenge of an unfavorable macroeconomic and operating environment.

“I import most of my materials from different parts of the world, hence I am always severely affected by the continuous fluctuation in exchange rate, inefficient clearing processes etc. However, I have continued to manage these challenges effectively.”

She is an experienced entrepreneur skilled in Leadership and Management, with an affinity for beauty and style. She launched Hush’D Makeover Limited, Nigeria’s Leading skincare and cosmetology company with varieties of cutting edge and effective beauty products, based on her vast experience in the skincare and beauty industry. Her primary goal for Hush’D Makeover Limited, according to her, “is to make men and women alike feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin. What has followed is a string of amazing products, which has given our customers a feeling of proud confidence in their skin.”

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In her pursuit of excellence and desire to transform the beauty Industry in Nigeria, she has plunged herself into building Hush’D Makeover to a world class beauty brand. Hush’D is an indigenous and duly registered beauty and cosmetology company that has its Head Office located at 10, Asenuga street, Opebi-Ikeja, Nigeria as well as a factory located on the outskirts of Lagos.

As a brand, Hush’D has more than 30 full-time staff, over 1.2 million subscribers on Facebook, 100,000 plus followers on Instagram, a network of distributors in and outside of Africa, as well as a standing partnership with DHL to enhance worldwide distribution to their customers.

“As CEO of Hush’D, I have continued to make my mark through various endeavours in the corporate world as a Facebook SME Council Member, as well as a member of Facebook “She means Business” community. I have continued to share with women, stories of how I started Hush’D Makeover from my room, to a single office apartment, and to my own head office in Opebi, Ikeja and a factory complex in Ikorodu, Lagos,” she stated in a recent interview.

Abiola Ahmed holds a degree in Office Technology and Management from the Federal Polytechnic, Auchi and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from London Metropolitan School of Business and Management.

She was born April 24, 1986. She is from Ayede local government area of Ondo State, Nigeria.


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