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Investing in Cryptocurrency in Nigeria

Investing in Cryptocurrency in Nigeria is simple and straightforward. You can invest with Naira. The summary of the steps are shown below:

  1. Open an account with a coin exchange that deals with the coin you want to invest in
  2. Create a wallet for the coin you want to buy, e.g. Bitcoin wallet, Litecoin wallet, Etherium wallet etc
  3. Fund your account to cover the amount of your planned transaction – usually in dollars, the coin exchange will advise the exchange rate, fees etc and
    the account to pay into. You can also fund your through bank transfer via your naira account or through your USD domiciliary account
  4. When your payment is confirmed, your instructions will be carried out
  5. When the coins have been purchased, it will be deposited in your wallet. You will be provided with private keys to access your coin.
  6. You can sell your coin on the exchange when the price has appreciated to the level you want and you desire to take profit.

You can have the proceeds of the sale transferred back to your account.

Please note that investing in cryptocurrency is very risky and there is no guaranty you will make a profit. You can make a lot of money and you can lose a lot of money based on your level of investment. The industry is not regulated or operators licensed by SEC or CBN.

Top Cryptocurrency / Bitcoin Coin Exchanges in Nigeria

  1. Luno –
  2. NairaEx –
  3. Remitano –
  4. NGexchanger –
  5. InstantGoldNigeria –
  6. Naira4dollar –
  7. eTradeXchange –
  8. Instantexchangers –
  9. Bitkoin.Africa –
  10. Bitkonga –
  11. Naira2usd –
  12. Nigeria Gold Exchange –
  13. NairaSwitch –
  14. BITSSA –
  15. Localbitcoins –
  16. Wink Payment –