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Firm initiates ‘WeyMoney’ to boost clients access to loans

Firm initiates ‘WeyMoney’ to boost clients access to loans

A real estate firm LandWey Investment Limited has created a customer-centric solution that would help customers have access to loan facility for its subscribers called ‘WeyMoney’.

According to the firm, WeyMoney is a loan facility with single digit interest rate and enable clients maintain their financial stability and see their investments reach fruition.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the company, Olawale Ayilara said that with WeyMoney, subscribers can access funding that helps them stay financially afloat, take care of business that can’t wait, and access loan facility in record time.

He said that WeyMoney offers credit up to 70% of property’s current market value, is variable rate loan with zero deposit required and loan terms up to one  year even as interest is residual in single digit.

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He said, “This disruptive loan service brings respite and convenience of use like no other.”

According to Ayilara, LandWey has one of the biggest asset base in the Nigerian real estate sector.

Also speaking, Financial Controller of the firm, Olamide Opadiran said that LandWey is trying to meet housing needs of Nigerians as well as changing the perspective about real estate in the country.

She said, “WeyMoney offers the most competitive rates with the provision of the constant single digit clause, no guarantor required, no extraneous, external collateral needed, simplicity in loan processing and approval, zero bank-blacklisting worries/image injury, utmost confidentiality and  complete peace of mind through the entire process.”

Opadiran said that LandWey has been in operation for three years and has 13 estates with eight sold out.

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