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How entrepreneur Ricardo Young is a creating change and not just a brand

Serial entrepreneur Ricardo Young has set out to shake things up in the food industry, and he is on a journey to attaining the profile of a mogul in the industry.

The African-American businessman and owner of Victory Restaurant and Lounge, always displaying his love for the hustle. Anyone who knows him knows that he’s constantly working, thinking of new ideas, looking at the next opportunity to expand.

Ricardo is a typical example of a fully equipped entrepreneur which explains his diversity in business.

Today, Ricardo boasts of 4 innovative breakfast and lunch restaurants across states in the US. They are located in his home state, Washington, Miami, and Bowie, with a new one opening in Washington DC.

Due to how expanded the entrepreneur’s vision is, he’s always seeking for new lands and domains to dominate. It is for that cause that he literally announced the launch of his new hairline called “Ocean Importz.

In a recent interview, Ricardo discussed why he enjoyed doing what he does, running a black-owned business with a very diverse staff that welcomes such a wide array of customers.

He said, “I love helping young men lay their blueprint.

“I ultimately knew I could impact more lives by shifting my focus to my future business endeavors. I got into real estate development and quickly became a serial entrepreneur, opening a number of businesses, including Victory Restaurants.

“I have always had a love for the “hustle.” And I feel that commitment to excellence is what has gotten me this far,” he added.

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Born and raised in Northwest Washington, D.C., Ricardo Young attended Virginia Tech and the University of Maryland on full athletic scholarships where he earned 3 degrees in Business and Finance.

Following his stint as a college footballer, Ricardo Young stayed in the business of sports and became an NFL agent. He later moved full-time to a series of businesses.

Ricardo’s business had its fair with the pandemic, but continue to thrive under such unusual circumstances by staying very agile and pivot frequently.

He was constantly changing and adapting new strategies not only to meet state and city limitations but also to do what needs to be done in order to keep customers and staffs safe.

Ricardo as a philanthropist was also focused on making sure everyone has something to eat at the trying time with volunteers at Victory Restaurant and Lounge packing thousands of holiday meals for those in need in the community.

Ricardo said the drive behind the massive giving with his team was born out of his position to be able to give, and he wanted to do just that.

“Honestly, I just feel blessed to be in a position to give whenever I can. Growing up I didn’t always have everything and there were a lot of people around me really struggling. I saw how big of a difference something as simple of a warm meal can make in someone’s life. Whether it’s giving meals out in the community or continuing to ensure my staff have jobs to provide for their families. I just feel fortunate to be in a position to contribute,” he said.

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Ricardo has indelibly set his gaze above as he no longer dwells with small visions but has taken his abode in the higher realms of visualization. His biggest goal is to continue to grow his business and be able to provide jobs to so many people and bring something new to the community.

“I want to continue to provide customers with places they feel safe and welcome. Equally important, I hope I continue to serve as inspiration for the next generation of young, black entrepreneurs. Whatever the goal or vision, I’m always going to give it 110% and never let anyone outwork me and I’m excited to see where that takes me and my team,” he stated.


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