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How to build on small budget

Building a home requires proper planning  on how to maximise whatever materials are available. This is necessary even when you are building for your nuclear family. It is advisable the building is designed in  such a way that visitors will have no comfortable spare room to keep them longer than expected. Those who build large homes are not only being extravagant but also courting problems for themselves. That is because the moment a brother or friend comes in and finds there is enough space for him to stay, he digs in. This is unlike when he finds no comfort zone as thatwill make him to hurriedly  leave. Planning very well before building will help a builder have extra money to invest elsewhere than building campuses just to show off his affluence.

Building a house in Nigeria is commonly viewed as a very expensive enterprise. Truth is, you really do not need to drain your savings or go neck-deep in debt because you want to have a home, hence the popular adage is rife here that, “Those who fail to plan have inadvertently planned to fail” This also applies to building a house of your own anywhere in Nigeria. To build a house on a small budget, your planning must be very detailed and done in good time too. The task of building a home is not one you embark on blindly. It is a project that must be thoroughly planned. There is therefore the need to develop a realistic budget, estimations and expert services that you can afford. Experts will help you with your design. For instance, an expert who knows you want to build on a budget will help you cut down phantom space (Phantom space includes empty space assigned to a place like a garage).

Your decisions on building materials are easily one of the most important decisions you would have to make to succeed with your plan of building your house on a small budget. In your drive to build with a limited budget, you will make sure you buy quality materials because that will make your home not only solid and attractive, it’s longevity will be assured. It will outlive the life span of its contemporaries.

Also, while building your residential home, you must be sure you are not building where you will consider not habitable such that in a very short period, you will be looking for another accommodation to hire to live in. For one, where is the location where you want to build the house? Also, what type of house do you want to build? Do you plan to build just a room, a room self-contained, a “boys-quarter” with two to three rooms fitted with bathroom and toilet, a two-bedrom flat, a three-bedroom flat, a block of flats or a duplex? By the time you settle on the home type you want to build, you will be faced with several questions. The answer to these questions will go a long way in giving you the encouragement to go the whole lot.

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How much is the service provider willing to collect from you? Are they ready to give you discount on the cost? How many of these professionals do you want to employ to get the house constructed? The factors also determine how much you end up spending to build a house in Nigeria. Do not also forget that prices of building materials are increasing by the day. As a result, one may not be able to accurately state particular amount that will be required to complete the building. Prices of these building materials differ from one part of the country to another.  This is one fact you must put into consideration before you start the building project.

Because, building materials are costly and the prices skyrocket on a daily bases, you must be careful in making choices so you do not be deceived into buying fantasies that will not last before they start to dilapidate or get worn out.

When budgeting for building materials, you should settle for building materials like wood, tiles, glass and flooring materials that fit into your budget. If you get into the market to buy materials like tiles, you will be presented with different types with different prices. The costly ones and the low cost ones will last depending of your handling and maintenance. It is crucial to ensure that your desire to reduce costs does not impact on the quality of building materials. Get quotations from multiple suppliers.

The aim of this is to eventually get the very best quotations for the building materials you eventually settle for. For instance, the fact that a supplier sends you a quotation for 25×40 ceramic wall tiles at N1,300 does not mean you can’t get it at a more affordable price elsewhere. In essence, always weigh your options.

Getting the right design for your house will help you save a lot of money. To achieve this, you will have to work with the right architect. You should, therefore, take your time to search for an architect who understands exactly what you want to achieve. The architect will charge a fee but the right design will help you save more in the long run.

For instance, your architect will understand that the geometry of the house should be kept simple. It is important to engage experts. Getting experts is advisable in this regards because not all professionals will be able to follow the pictorial designs of the architect so you must be careful in your selection. There are a number of benefits for you when you engage the services of a certified contractor. For instance, he/she is bound to have a good number of suppliers and workers who can be trusted to help you achieve your goal of cutting cost to its barest minimum. You also have a better chance of getting really good deals from suppliers when you use a certified contractor.

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Be sure to use the limited resources to achieve the best construction by getting the best details. Make the best use of resources you have made available. Bear in mind that when building your house, emphasis should be in ensuring that money is saved in the long run by putting your budget to the best possible use. Monitoring the construction process is just as important as making preparations. Don’t take anything for granted. Ensure you monitor the process as it progresses. The reason for this, is to make sure the materials and services you paid for are precisely what is delivered to you.

It is not okay to make the funds available and then assume that everything would be taken care of. Constantly check to be sure materials are delivered as at when due. Monitoring is crucial to ensure that what is being done in terms of construction does not deviate unreasonably from the estimated cost and resources marked out for the construction project.

Building a big house on a slim budget is not realistic. The bigger the house, the more you have to spend. If you really think deeply about your needs, you would realise that you really don’t need to build a house with six or seven bedrooms. Keep your house simple and you will be able to keep the budget slim.

In reality, most families do not need more than a 2,400 square foot house but a lot of people end up planning for houses that really stretch their budget. When you are building on a thin budget, you may decide to give some rooms more attention than others. What this means is that some parts of the house will get a better finishing compared to others. For example, you can decide to give your kitchen and living room more superior interior finishing while places like the bathroom, toilet and bedroom get modest finishings.


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