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Knowledge is Power: 5 Outstanding Places to Get All Your Financial News & Information

Knowledge is Power

The financial world can seem daunting with so many companies, trends, and terms to keep track of. If you want to stay on top of the market, you will need to get all the help you can get. Fortunately, you no longer need to get a degree in finance to make sense of the market these days. With a plethora of news sites on the Internet that provide a wealth of information about the marketplace, all you need is a computer or mobile device to get the information you seek. Here are five excellent places that you can get all your financial news and information.

CNN Markets

CNN has become one of the biggest news networks around the world, and their finance-focused Markets page is one of the easiest places that you can browse market topics. The page consists of headlines regarding current financial events, along with a sector performance graph, trending stocks, changes in commodities, and much more. If you are looking for quick news and updates about a variety of financial topics, CNN Market is a great place to start.

Money Morning

Money Morning provides you with the actionable information that you need to enjoy financial independence. Whether you’re just starting out with investing, or are planning your retirement, you can get daily recommendations to help ensure you make significant gains. Get up-to-date information on DJIA today, get inside tips and stock recommendations, track the latest in technology investments and learn how to protect yourself from the looming debt crisis. Money Morning helps you secure your financial freedom in the new global economy.

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Bloomberg Money

Another powerful financial news resource, according to Investopedia, is Bloomberg Money, which offers a ton of information in an extremely attractive format. The homepage of the site provides you with current market trends, as well as the top headlines and stories in the financial industry. The section also includes video content if you prefer to listen to or watch the current investment news. Overall, Bloomberg Money is a reliable site with a great mix of material that everyone can enjoy.

The Street

The Street focuses on news, especially news regarding investing. The site provides users with commentary on current events, recommendations for investing, opinion pieces, and the basics for getting into the market. According to the experts at Money Crashers, this is the best website for articles related to investing. For those readers who want a little more, The Street offers paid services for investors. These services include an in-depth analysis of current markets, advanced investment strategies, and stock recommendations.


A Wall Street Journal publication, MarketWatch caters to investors who are deep in the daily markets. The top of the page features a ticker that allows you to monitor key exchanges, browse the latest news, and check stock prices. You can customize the homepage when you sign up for a free account and add stocks to your watchlist. The site offers plenty of investing news, even if you don’t have an account.

These five sites allow anyone to keep up with the financial markets, even if you are new to the industry. Adding just a few of these to your daily reading list can help you better understand what’s going on with the world’s markets.

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