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National Assembly pledges allocation to youth development: Budget

President of the Senate, Ahmad Lawan, said on Thursday that the National Assembly would allocate huge resources for youth development in the 2021 national budget.

He said the arrangement would enable government to address the challenges facing Nigerian youths as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lawan gave the assurance while declaring open, a training programme he sponsored for 1000 youths in GSM phone repair, hardware, software and entrepreneurship development in Yobe State.

The programme has the support of the Nigerian Content Development, and Monitoring Board and the National Information Technology Development Agency.

The Senate President said youth development initiatives serve as ways of empowering and uplifting the wellbeing of the country’s youth population.

He said, “The training of 1000 youths in GSM phone repairs, hardware, software and entrepreneurship development is a landmark in our commitment to uplifting the wellbeing of a key part of the nation’s population.

“It is additionally a reminder of the multiple avenues for empowering youths across Nigeria. We cannot overstate the fact that youths are a crucial category in the nation’s population. They are full of energy and are hopeful for the future.

“The National Assembly will ensure the allocation of resources specifically for the purpose of youth development across the country.”

He added that the gesture of parliamentary support in this direction  would be backed by further efforts to engage Nigerian youths on ways of additionally stimulating their creativity and productivity levels so as to keep them away from getting involved in crime.

He said, “The future may however not make any meaning to them if their present is not productive. It is why we will strive to surmount the challenges of limited resources to fend for this population group. This also requires creativity on how to engage them.

“With a greater level of engagement for the youths, they can contribute to the economy, which is in need of better productivity. Productivity is a prelude to growth, which will also lead to improved wellbeing.

“The need to pay attention to youths has led to this initiative, as supported by the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board and the National Information Technology Development Agency.


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