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The problem with working for money

Working for money shows lack of vision

The problem with working for money is that you can easily forget where you are going. Have you ever entered a room to pick an item, saw something else, got distracted and end up forgetting what you were looking for initially? It happens the same way with working for money. You easily forget your life goals and dreams in the quest for more money.

By the time you enter the earn to spend trap, your dreams are long forgotten. It can become so bad that you forget that you ever had a dream. You start following the money wherever it leads, even sacrificing your family on the altar of money. You make decisions based on which way leads to more money. The money comes first. Your values and dreams can come later. Some are ready to sell their souls for money.

Working for money is the tail wagging the dog

Another problem with working for money is that you forget that money is supposed to work for you. Money is supposed to help you achieve your God given dreams. Many fall into the trap of working for money, they don’t bother learning how to make money work for them, so that they can focus on what matters most. Having lost sight of their dreams, all the see is the next ‘level’ – next phone, apartment, car etc. Rather than build their dreams to pay for those items, they work hard to earn more money to acquire them.

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When you are working for money, you always find and excuse why you cannot save and invest in yourselfand your dreams. You see no reason why you should use your money to train yourself. It is the job of your employer to equip you to fulfill your dreams. You are willing to please others at the expense of where you really want to go.

Working to earn money is not wrong, if you know why you need the money. If all you need money for is to pay bills and meet your financial responsibilities, then you are working for money. It is a treadmill going nowhere. The scales start falling of your eyes when you lose your job or retire. It is then some realize that they had a dream once upon a time. Others simply ride a rocking chair into the sunset of their lives. For those laid off, the struggle continues. The struggle to keep body and soul together continues, passing the same legacy to their children.

What legacy do you want to leave?

If you don’t find your own voice and sing your own song, you get to the end of your days without a clue what you came here to do. Civilization advances because others did their own bit. If everyone was focusing on working for money and survival, we would still be going around in animal skins hunting for food. We are here because some made the difference they were born to make. Sadly, many went back home without giving of themselves fully. Nobody knew they were here, except their descendants. They left the planet virtually without a trace. It is a very heavy price to pay for a life spent working for money.

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