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Tips for safe property buying

 The Operational Manager, Switchlanes Investment Limited, Mr Babatunde Ogunsanwo, has urged property buyers to approach credible real estate firms and verify the assets they want to buy before investing in such.

He spoke during a press briefing in Lagos while disclosing the plans of the company to make affordable lands available to different categories of people.

Ogunsanwo said, “Anybody that wants to buy land should look for a genuine company that has name, check if it is duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission and visit the area because you need to see what you want to buy.

“Do your own investigation within that area and be sure the sellers are the rightful owners of the land.

“You can go there and ask people who are there, and then, get a good lawyer to help you perfect your process.

“But most importantly, be sure the company is legit and get a good real estate company to transact with.”

He also said it was important to make sure the documents covering the land were intact.

 “Don’t ask for ordinary receipt; get the deed of assignment as it is the one that transfers interest in land to another person,” he said.

He said that the vision of Switchlanes Investment was to be the most successful real estate firm, while its mission was to provide affordable housing for the masses.

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“Looking at our mission, our target is to ensure that no matter how small your income is, you should be able to afford a house, and we have different products,” he said.

The operation manager said, “We allocate once they finish paying all the necessary things they need to pay and we encourage them to proceed with building.

“We are also into developing. We have good engineers that can build. Once you don’t have time, you come to our office and we develop for you.”


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